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cathryneb asked
Confession: I usually get on here for the amazing porn and band stuff but I have taken an interest in your Tumblr page! So you definitely did a great job at catching my eye.

I’m glad that I have c:

Anonymous asked
Pink Amber Orange

If ya wanna get to know me just ask yo c:

Anonymous asked

110. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?

Yep :0

Anonymous asked
Ah Sorry. On my question, i wasn't reffering to you personally. I was saying it like if I was to judge men, I would be no better than the men who judge women... if that makes sense? :D But thank you for not being an asshole. You get it. Im glad. Have a nice morning/afternoon/day c:

Yeah it makes sense c: Have a kick ass day/night/afternoon (whatever time it is where you are) c:

Anonymous asked
(Relative to the music post) I was just sitting in my friends room and played the Amity Affliction and my friend goes "turn the shit off it's devil music you can get possessed that way my cousin listened to that and got possessed" blah blah. LOL


Which song was it? cx